Memorable moment...=)

Salam and hi to all

I was a bit busy tak sempat nak update blog. Actually in this post I would like to share my memorable moment when we being gifted with a son on 28 May 2012. My baby is now bout 5 months. After delivering him at the hospital I was feeling so down n sad because I could not breastfeed him. I did not even standby with any breast pump because my mind set was I want to breastfeed my baby. But unfortunately, dugaan datang. With the pain after ceaseran and the pain of I could not breastfeed my baby made me stress. Susu pun takde. Thanks to my dad who baught for me medela breast-pump and I started to pump once I am back at home. But my milk was tooooo little.(not even an oz). My baby has been drinking 3oz every 2-3hours FM since at the hospital.

How to increase milk production? I have been eating chicken, meat n etc but it doesnt help much. During my confinement, my job was to read n do research on how to increase my milk...hehe! Finnally I found it...I found my best friend Mr Shaklee!!!!

At first I was scared to try but now I have fall in love with it....=)

Mommies out there...lets try Set Penyusuan Shaklee !!

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